We provide consulting services in the areas of Cloud, Analytics and DevOps.


We help build web scale platforms by leveraging open source and proprietary technologies. Our expertise in public and private cloud technologies and its services will help meet your scaling demands.

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We enable extraction of actionable insights out of the data you own or have access to. We help assemble scalable data pipelines to accelerate your next generation business goals.

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We leverage our vast experiences in establishing systems and processes that facilitate continuous delivery. Our agile practices have streamlined product delivery cycles.

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Latest Posts


Flume sink plugin for Elasticsearch 5.x

Cognitree has open sourced a Flume sink plugin for Elasticsearch 5.4. The sink plugin is compatible with Flume version 1.7. To avoid dealing.. Read More →

Classloaders for Apache Flume plugins

Apache Flume is a tool for moving large amounts of data from various sources to a centralized data store. It provides an extensible.. Read More →

Logistic Regression

Logistic regression is one of the widely used classification algorithms in machine learning. It solves variety of use cases including credit card fraud.. Read More →