Integrate engineering functions using automation and agile processes for continuous delivery.

Production readiness

Strengthen the operational readiness of a deployment in areas of data management, disaster recovery, instance failure handling, on demand scaling, etc.

Continuous monitoring

Setup system and application monitors to detect failures. Measure the resource and cost effectiveness. Automate resource scaling. Integrate alert notifications and dashboards.

Security hardening

Secure applications and infrastructure against unauthorized access. Automate operations, audit changes and access management.

Continuous delivery

Achieve an effective build-measure-learn cycle. Automating processes to accelerate releases. Capture actionable diagnostics from operational environments.

Capacity planning

Measure capacities based on the expected service usage by running benchmarking tests. Beyond performance plan for availability, recovery from failures, operational costs.


Increase productivity and reduce cost of build-deploy-test cycles using containers. Leverage container aware cloud environments and tools to deploy applications at scale .