Customer intelligence


  • Casinos, Gaming


  • Motivate customers to spend more and more frequently
  • Maximize the revenues from the customer base


  • Mine customer data from numerous internal and external sources
  • Calculate customers’ true spend potential, wallet share
  • Identify personalized incentives based on customer value
  • Deliver these promotions in real-time to the customer
  • Track the customer responsiveness to promotions
  • Lower total cost of ownership of the solution


  • Unified data ingest platform
  • Customer churn prediction model
  • Personalized product recommendation
    • Behavioral targeting
    • Customer segmentation
    • Customer lifetime value
  • Offer delivery in real-time
  • Cloud based SaaS deployment


  • Analytics platform : Hortonworks data platform (HDP)
  • Analytics components: Kafka, Spark, HDFS, HBase
  • Cloud provider : ¬†Azure

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