Recent times have been very exciting, great technologies and smart architectures enable us to deliver smart solutions to complex problems.

New business opportunities have risen due to “pay as you go” models like cloud technologies. It’s easy to realize an idea into a working solution with little upfront cost and scale as you grow. And for enterprises, it can serve as an elastic data center for R&D and seasonal requirements. But to be able to deliver on the cloud, new tools and design patterns need to be employed both during development and in operations.

With the evolution of software delivery practice where release cycles are moving from months to few days and features are continuously being A/B tested, operational efficiency at all levels is a must. Various engineering functions have to be integrated among themselves and also with the operations to deliver a continuous integration and delivery environment. There are a myriad of tools and patterns evolving in this space. Sometimes, just to find the right combination of tools that work for both engineering and operations is an interesting problem.

With massive amounts of data being generated by devices and humans, thanks to the evolution of mobile and IoT, there is a need to structure data, store and process efficiently to deliver useful insights. A solution that worked for thousands of records does not automatically scale for millions. Every incremental benefit results in huge gains due to sheer scale.

With large amounts of data available, newer techniques have evolved from the study of pattern recognition and computational learning theory. Techniques that explore on the study and construction of algorithms that can learn from and make predictions on data. These techniques can be used to unravel the hidden patterns, market trends, customer preferences , unknown correlations and other useful business information.

Excited by these technological advancements and the opportunities it provides, we have ventured into offering our services to enable our customers with the right choices to harness these benefits. We welcome your participation as an innovator who wants to reach out to us for consulting or building systems that realize your requirements into scalable solutions. We are also looking forward to meet technology enthusiasts  who wish to join us in our journey to solve our customers needs.

The opportunity to make a difference through technology has never been brighter …